We will be offering entertainment throughout the day, as usual, from our large Food Court marquee. Enjoy a prime view of the river and the excellent street food vendors and pop-up bars that will surround you.




You might recognise Daf from ‘Heno’ S4C, where he’s already interviewed a bunch of our amazing chefs and exhibitors!


Bringing his local knowledge (he’s a St Dogs lad) and sunshine-personality to the festival, Daf will be with us all day to announce the programme and order of events, entertain you with some chat, and introduce our special guests.


Resident DJ


A swamp child crafted from voodoo, or a Welsh guy in a mask? Opinions are mixed, but one thing for sure is that Snaggle’s multi-genre mix of funk, house, reggae, dub and electroswing will have you tapping your feet all day long.




10.00 - 10.45am


Paz ‘The Jungle Man’  


We are excited to feature, for the first time, ‘Jungle Cubs’ - a banging mix of early-years games, safari-style dress up and the sounds of rave music! Opening the main site before leading a procession to the Castle ‘Parti da Barti’ family fun area, this is not to be missed. 


Paz has previously been spotted at Unearthed in the Field and Queen’s Hall Narbeth, surrounded by squishy animals, a banging sound system on a trolley, and parents who are enjoying themselves just as much as their kids.

12.30 - 2pm



This live five-piece swing band will get you hopping and bopping, burger and pint in hand.


Also playing pop and latin ‘with a jazz inclination’, you might have already seen No Mean Biscuit playing at the Aberjazz festival & National Botanic Gardens.

2.30 - 3.15pm


Victoria & Company


A regular feature at the festival, this fleet of local young dancers will be performing snippets from their new show inspired by the Wizard of Oz. Come early to bag your prime viewing spot as they jump off the stage and show you how it’s done. 


3.15 - 5pm



You might of heard of them - now come see them in action! Backtrax headline this year’s festival, bringing you foot-stomping rock covers and high energy good time music. 


From Elvis Presley through to the Kings of Leon, Chuck Berry through to Stereophonics, Backtrax have a little bit of something for everyone so get ready to have a fantastic afternoon of live music in the heart of Cardigan!